Winery Stich im Löwen | Bürgstadt in Franconia

The motto of the Gerhard & Helga Stich winery in the Churfranken wine-growing region is: "WINES WITH CHARACTERISTICS FOR PEOPLE WITH CHARACTERISTICS".

The first-class Franconian wines of this excellent vineyard from Churfranken have already been awarded several times by the Falstaff. Among them the 2017 "Frank & Frei" Müller-Thurgau trocken or the 2016 Bürgstadt Centgrafenberg Riesling Kabinett trocken.

The wine world of Weingut Stich is the terroir of the Centgrafenberg and the Hundsrück. Together with others, they are considered the most valuable steep slopes in the Churfranken region. On these sites, which have been cultivated over the centuries in the arch of the Main near Bürgstadt, sun-loving Pinot Noir vines with their artistic dry stone walls made of red sandstone grow into large plants. Aware of this tradition, Helga and Gerhard Stich, as trained winegrowers and viticultural technicians, became convinced of everything that is beneficial to wine and its enjoyment. Sustainability was already a buzzword for the two of them even before it became a buzzword. Both come from winegrowing families in which gastronomy and the wooden cooperage have been practised for generations and have been directing the fortunes of the winery with the whole family for over 25 years. The boundaries between work and leisure are fluid. Everyone sets their own accents to achieve something so harmonious that year after year we are completely convinced and always happy.

The domicile of the Stich Winery is the former inn "Zum Löwen", which gave the estate its name. The historic house from the turn of the century, built with yellow clinker bricks and its red sandstone decorations, has been carefully renovated so that its character, which was influenced by the outgoing Art Nouveau, has been uniquely preserved. We would like to invite you to our cosy wine tavern and the stylish tasting room for wine tasting. Exceptionally well preserved and worth a visit is also our wine bottle storage, which once served as a banqueting hall. Translated with (free version)