Weingut Klaus Zimmerling | Dresden Pillnitz | Sachsen

Wines from Saxony have always been something special. This is also proven by the Klaus Zimmerling Winery from Dresden-Pillnitz. It is one of our top wineries in Saxony. Contrary to the general trend, the wines all have a certain residual sweetness that harmonises perfectly with the acidity. In this way, the cellar master skilfully brings out the characteristics of the respective grape variety. All wines are extremely tasty and drinkable.

Thus, under the care of winemaker Klaus Zimmerling, Saxony wines of the extra class are created. The wine assortment of the Klaus Zimmerling winery includes wines from the Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Kerner and Traminer grape varieties.

Zimmerling Riesling VDP.Grosse Lage
28.00 €*
56.00 € / 1 L
Zimmerling Riesling VDP.Grosse Lage