Pfannenstielhof Lagrein Rosé

Item Number: 02-05262-004

Flasche (L): 0,75

Alk. (Vol-%) | RZ | SR: 14,5 | k.A. | k.A.

Geschmack: trocken

Rebsorte: Lagrein

Anbaugebiet: Südtirol

Herkunftsland: Italien

Jahrgang: 2020

Allergene | Verschluss: Enthält Sulfite | Korken

Hersteller: Weingut Pfannenstielhof | Bozen

Jahrgangshinweis: Falls der bestellte Jahrgang nicht mehr erhältlich ist, behalten wir uns vor, den Folgejahrgang zu liefern.

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Lagrein Rosé | Weingut Pfannenstielhof | Bozen | Südtirol

juicy - refined - fresh - fruity - youthful - exciting: The Lagrein Rosé from Pfannenstielhof

The Lagrein Rosé from Pfannenstielhof is a fresh, fruity wine with a delicate bouquet of red berries and cherry. It captivates with its youthful nature and juiciness. This rosé is harmonious and refined at the same time, it is soft and yet powerful - definitely exciting!

As a rosé wine, it stands out above all for its lively colour and powerful structure and is therefore particularly suitable as an accompaniment to starters, pizza, fish and white meat.

The Lagrein Rosé from the Pfannenstielhof differs from the classic Lagrein by the must fermentation. Here, only the juice of the grapes, i.e. without the skins, is fermented at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.

At the Pfannenstielhof in Bolzano, integrated viticulture close to nature is practised. This includes careful manual work, be it winter pruning, defoliation, yield reduction or harvesting the grapes.

After the harvest, the grapes are carefully destemmed and gently pressed. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.

The soils of the Pfannenstielhof are unique - so are the wines

The Pfannenstielhof was first mentioned in a document in 1561 and has been owned by the Pfeifer family for more than 200 years.

The Lagrein vines grow on Pergeln on a deep, warm sandy and gravelly soil that was washed up by the Eisack river and gives the wine a velvety-soft note.

Growing system

Drinking temperature
12 - 14°C

Note for allergy sufferers
contains sulphites

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