Gläser für Wein, Sekt und Champagner

High-quality glasses for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, champagne and other beverages from the manufacturers Zalto, Riedel and Stölzle-Lausitz

Stölzle Lausitz

Glasses from Stölzle-Lausitz speak a modern design language. Especially the wine glasses of the Q1 series are perfectly suited for wine connoisseurs to bring out all facets of a wine. In addition, Stölzle-Lausitz glasses offer a first-class price/performance ratio.

Zalto Denk'art

Zalto glasses for wine, champagne, spirits or beer are a symbol of sophisticated table culture. Zalto glasses are all hand-blown and each one is a masterpiece of glassblowing art. You will feel it! To hold a Zalto glass in your hand is something very special. At first you will notice the ease with which a Zalto glass seduces your senses. But you will only experience its true elegance when you enjoy a good wine from a Zalto glass. Because of the low weight and the thin rim of the glass, the glass fades into the background while drinking. So you can fully concentrate on the taste of the wine and its aromas. In short: despite its elegance, a Zalto glass always focuses on the taste of the respective drink.

Therefore it is probably fair to say that Zalto glasses from Gmünd in Austria are the best way to enjoy wines and spirits. Try it out. You will be delighted. It is not without reason that glasses from Zalto have become a standard for wine tasting in many renowned wineries.

All ZALTO DENK'ART glasses are mouth-blown - handmade, suitable for everyday use - dishwasher-safe and manufactured without the addition of lead.


Zieher wine glasses of the Vison series are mouth-blown and were developed by wine connoisseurs under the guidance of the Dresden sommelier Silvio Nitzsche of the WEIN | KULTUR | BAR Dresden for wine lovers for perfect wine presentation and maximum wine enjoyment.

Zieher does not speak of wine glasses but of character glasses. Because the aim in the development of the VISION series was to present the wine according to the desired character. The wine glasses of the Zieher VISION series thus offer the perfect enjoyment of wine: intuitive, uncomplicated and always according to one's own wishes.

Zieher wine glasses are top-quality craftsmanship, created in what is probably one of the most innovative and best glassblowing factories in the world. The glasses are mouth-blown from crystalline glass without the addition of lead in a traditional process. Each glass is unique and was created by a glassblower with skill and dedication.

The VISION series guarantees a refined and fascinating design combined with a unique aesthetic sensibility. The shape of the goblets and the wave-like design of the bases allow for maximum aroma presence and optimal development of the wine.

The vision: "There are no white or red wine glasses in this series, only theme or character glasses. The names of the FRESH, STRAIGHT, INTENSE, BALANCED, RICH, NOSTALGIC and SIDE glasses playfully explain their possible uses. You intuitively reach for the glass that best presents the flavour moments you want to emphasise. If you want a powerful wine to be more harmonious or a little more lively and fresh, you take the corresponding glass that already bears its purpose in its name." Silvio Nitzsche - WINE | CULTURE | BAR - Dresden