Zahn Thüringer Tresterbrand

Item Number: 08-05238-TR476

Flasche (L): 1x 0,35

Alk. (% Vol.): 42

Herkunftsland: Deutschland

Hersteller: Thüringer Weingut Zahn

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Thüringer Tresterbrand | Weingut Zahn | Großheringen-Kaatschen

Thuringia Zahn Winery | Thuringia Pomace Brandy

Grape marc is the solid residue left over after pressing the grapes.

In order to be able to implement the philosophy of the Zahn winery in terms of winemaking, the grapes are separated from the stalks and stems before they are pressed. This avoids bitter substances and grassy green flavours in the wine. For the brandy, this is equally important and the basis of a balanced distillate.

The weakly pressed marc is poured over with lukewarm water so that no air gets to the sensitive product and then fermented in a cool place with a special yeast.

The marc is then brought by hand into the copper still, slowly heated and the centre run (heart) separated out. Our marc spirit is stored in a stainless steel vessel. Finally, the high-proof distillate is reduced to drinking strength with soft water, filtered and bottled.

Other names for marc brandies are grappa in Italy and marc in France.

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