Geiger & Söhne Grauburgunder Erste Geige trocken

Item Number: 01-05695-166-2021

Flasche (L): 1x 0,75

Alk. (Vol-%) | RZ | SR: 13,0 | k.A. | k.A.

Geschmack: trocken

Rebsorte: Grauburgunder

Anbaugebiet: Franken

Herkunftsland: Deutschland

Jahrgang: 2021

Allergene | Verschluss: Enthält Sulfite | Schraubverschluss

Hersteller: Weingut Geiger & Söhne | Thüngersheim | Franken

Jahrgangshinweis: Falls der bestellte Jahrgang nicht mehr erhältlich ist, behalten wir uns vor, den Folgejahrgang zu liefern.

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Geiger & Söhne Grauburgunder Erste Geige | trocken | Frankenwein

Dry - juicy and harmonious - A Franconian Pinot Gris for savoury dishes

The nonchalant side of the Pinot Gris from the Erste Geige series from the Geiger und Söhne winery is extremely elegant and knows how to impress many a wine connoisseur as a special Franconian wine speciality. For this fine wine, we select only the best grapes of the QbA quality wine level to age them in the traditional 2400 litre double piece barrel to create a unique white wine pleasure. This storage and vinification process gives the white wine a very special refinement that adds an extraordinary touch to the juicy flavour of the Pinot Gris. This is because smoky, earthy notes add a salty, mineral flavour to the full-bodied character of this white wine, creating an unusually complex refreshment.

As a sparkling, full-bodied refreshment with an extract-rich aroma, this Pinot Gris lives up to its name and plays first fiddle both as a solo enjoyment and as an exemplary accompaniment to food. Served well chilled, it surprises with its rich flavour at 13% alcohol by volume and ensures a rounded and elegant enjoyment that leaves a lasting impression.

Wine enjoyment facts:
- Drinking temperature: 8 - 12 °C
- Quality level: QbA
- Location: Thüngersheim Ravensburg
- dry - juicy and harmonious
- Ageing: Large wooden barrel - double piece
- On the nose: aromas of quince, fine spicy notes of pistachio and almond
- On the palate: hay flavours and a hint of vanilla
- Ageing potential: up to 8 years

Food recommendation:
The Geiger & Söhne Pinot Gris Erste Geige dry is an excellent accompaniment to poultry, pork, veal and grilled beef.

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